P40 lounge chair by Osvaldo Borsani

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Designed for Tecno SPA in 1955 and still produced nowadays, the P40 lounge chair is the outcome of Osvaldo Borsani's research on tilting joints applied to furniture. Featuring an evolved and refined version of the concept already found in the D70 sofa, the lounge chair was rather small for its time, yet extremely comfortable thanks to the multiple positions it can assume.

Two levers, one on the back and one behind the seat, allow to quickly and easily modify the inclination of the backrest and of the seating, to obtain a large variety of different seating positions. An extensible legrest is conceived behind the seating, and an additional sliding feetrest is hidden inside the legrest.

This particular example belongs to the first series, as it features round tubular legs instead of the rectangular profiles found on subsequent models. It is completely operational and in very good conditions; it has been professionally reupholstered using factory original Tecno grey herringbone fabric.

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