"Rostrato" vase by Barovier & Toso

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"Rostrato" vases are a peculiar 1930s design by Ercole Barovier, then owner and designer of the Eponymous brand Barovier & Toso, based on the island of Murano.

Made in transparent glass, and characterized by the spikes (rostri, in italian) protruding from the surface, these pieces are clearly artisanal. Their beauty resides in the small differences between each spike, that gvìive it an irregular, somehow "wabi-sabi" touch.

The vase is almost one century old, but is preserved in very good conditions and, most importantly, has a design which is still contemporary and mesmerizing today.

Overall diameter approx. 15cm; overall height approx. 25cm; base diameter 10cm; hole diameter 6cm.

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