Vintage Stilnovo brass and leather table lamp

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Founded in Milano by Bruno Gatta in 1946, Stilnovo was one of the main players in the field of modern lighting all the way throughout 1988, when the original business shut down. Today, the brand has been revived and produces contemporary design lamps, chandeliers and lighting fixtures.

The present lamp, dating to the early years of the brand (likely the beginning of the fifties) is a perfect example of Stilnovo's style back then. Precious material like brass and hand stitched leather, modern lines and a high constructive quality.

Maybe a design by Oscar Torlasco, the lamp is perfectly working and preserved in original condition. It has developed an expectable and pleasant patina all around which highlights its originality and age. The hand-stitched leather covering the base shows some scratches and a breach near the base, both highlighted in pictures.

It has a height of 40cm and a diameter of 40cm. Three working light bulbs are provided with the lamp.